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Welcome to Fridays For Future Delaware

A member of Fridays For Future USA

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Fridays For Future Delaware is a youth founded, youth led chapter of the international movement, Fridays For Future. We take action through community outreach, school strikes and legislative actions

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Offshore Wind Outreach

One of our most active projects is that of our offshore wind outreach group. This group operates in the Rehoboth/Dewey beach area and is commissioned to talk to local business owners and beachgoers alike about offshore wind potential in the area. We have targeted this area as it was previously vehemently opposed to these projects. We obviously need this to change and by having these conversations as well as documenting those who are in support, we hope to show the state congress that there is enthusiasm for offshore wind. Please click the link to see some of the resources that we use in our research. 


Our oldest and most known department is that of our legislative action. We participate in the legislative process by testifying at committee hearings and other governmental events on the issues we care about. To learn more about what is happening currently and our past progress, click below.

Guest Speakers

We seek to educate not only our members but the general public as well through guest speakers. We have been honored to have experts in the field of environmental science speak to us and give us deeper insight into the figures that really matter. Click below for more information and access to our YouTube and Spotify, where we have our guest speakers posted.

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